Upper Brook Street

Client: Private Residence
Architect: Charles Knowles Design
Value: £3.9m
Period: 92 weeks

Formerly the old Canadian High Commission Building in the heart of Mayfair, this property had been converted to a single residential property some twenty years earlier and had not been worked on since the original conversion.

The original scope of works was for the reconfiguration and refurbishment of the rear wing from the basement to the third floor, this was to include an extension in the basement to provide a new staffroom/kitchen area with a rooftop terrace and construction of a new fourth floor.

The project also included the installation and refurbishment of lifts, the complete overhaul and replacement of the mechanical and electrical services, as well as various natural stone finishes to bathroom and kitchens.

As the original contract progressed the refurbishment of the original old front house was also included more than doubling the size of contract which was all bought to a successful completion.